Vasile lost his father at a very early age and grew up with his mother and step father. His sisters left the family very young because they were abused by the step father. The mother finally separated from him. However very surprisingly she died one night - assumingly from an epileptic attack. Vasil woke up next to the cold body of his mother.

“I have never been so afraid”, he said later. He blamed himself for not waking up at the right time to help his mother.

A man applied to look after him as a foster father however used him as a worker. Vasile had to look after sheep and goats and spent his days and nights in the fields and could not go to school regularly. Occasionally he slept during the lessons because of fatigue. He was lonely and helpless and did not want to live anymore. He even prayed to God that he might be killed by a bear.

In his confusion he finally turned to the authorities for help and was brought to a halfway house.He attended school regularly again and came into  in the same class as Ildiko, one of our girls. She told us about the sad boy who could barely read and write and therefore could not follow the lessons. For several weeks she asked us if we could not take Vasile into the home. She and the others were so well looked after here so perhaps we could also help him.

So Vasile came to us in 2011 at the age of 14 and for us it is unbelievable what has become of him. In the meantime, he has become an earnest young man, who works on the gaps in his schooling with a lot of zeal and discipline. Football is his passion. Vasile is an enrichment for his group because of his quiet and steady nature and he is an example of determination and order. Some of our restless and chaotic children have benefitted from this.

After completing school Vasile did a voluntary social year in a Christian organisation in West Rumania. We are excited to see how he will continue.

Vasile’s   Résumé:. Ever since I came at the age of 14 to the Samariteanul (The children’s home) I have been happy. God has accepted me and I have also given him my life. I have found a proper family here.


One day the youth welfare office contacted us and asked if we had a place in the home for a four- year old child. He was under treatment for a current injury – a double arm fracture and a dislocated shoulder- further untreated fractures were noticed which were assumed to be the consequences of domestic violence. Therefore, the child could not go back to its family. Furthermore, he was dumb.

Gabriel came to us with plaster casted arms. We noticed that large areas of both his buttocks were extensively scarred. Presumably he had been placed on a hot stovetop. Surprisingly after a short period the care personnel reported that Gabriel was not dumb after all. They had heard him at night speaking in his sleep. He cursed loudly and knew astonishing words. Rarely have we been so pleased about obscene expressions!

Gabriel had terrible nightmares. Maja prayed for him and they stopped suddenly. Today, he is a very happy, lively and sporty child. He is interested in everything and is very out-going to people. Claudiu, a boy of the same age from the children’s home is his best friend. They are inseparable. School is a steady challenge for Gabriel. He prefers to romp around with the other children in the yard.


Reli came to us at the age of two, the youngest of six brothers and sisters. Although they received practical and financial assistance from the ASM, the parents were overburdened, so that the youth welfare office finally ordered that the children should be accommodated in a home. They were uncared for, scantily clothed and lived under extreme negligence.

All of the children stayed with us until they became adults. Today Reli is a friendly, happy and self- confident teenager. School is not difficult for her. We are confident that she would manage the school leaving examination and are curious to see how she will continue further.