At the moment The Scheytt-Stiftung is active in Rumania only through the Associatia Samariteanul Milos. (Association of the Good Samaritan). It was founded by Maja and Gotthold Scheytt, in order to create a legal framework for their charity project in


The children’s Home in Ghimbav

The children’s home Casa Samariteanul Milos (House of the Good Samaritan) is a renovated old farmhouse in Ghimbav near Kronstadt. Here there are about 20 children in 3 groups accommodated, each with their own living area.

Many of the children are orphans, many of them cannot live in their own families because of violence or negligence. Nearly all of them are traumatised and are suffering from the

impacts of bad experiences. Bed-wetting, nightmares, concentration and learning difficulties, aggression, sadness, self-hatred are only some of the effects, which our children have to struggle with.

Between six to eight children live together with each other for a long time in a family -like group. Through this they build relationships and value orientation. A regular daily

routine, meals eaten together and leisure activities according to interest and talent, school support as well as psychological guidance and advice are a fixed part of our pedagogic concept.

Our aim is that our children experience healing and are able to form relationships, become confident and emotionally stable so that as adults they can lead a self-determined life. This is a long process for them. Nevertheless, we hope and believe that with God’s help and our care that their lives would change and they can become healthy.

The Aid Project- “Bread for Education “

The gypsies in Dumbravita (about 15 km away from Gimbav) live in their own neighbourhood under incredible conditions. We help them together with another organisation under the Motto “Bread for Education”. The job is coordinated by a former teacher, who knows most families and works closely with the local Kindergarten and the school.

Each Family in the program receives a bread ration daily on condition that their children attend the kindergarten or go to school. In addition to this there are if needed, further relief supplies such as washing powder, food, furniture, or we buy prescribed medicines. Our coordinator Frau Serbanescu carries out the work with the right mixture of love and consequence, so that in the meantime the parents reliably and regularly send their children to the kindergarten and school.

The program has been already running for many years and at the moment we are providing care for more than 200 children, as well as their parents. We distribute over 22,000 loaves of bread per year. In 2013 the first child on the program completed the secondary school leaving examination (Abitur). We are very proud of this.

Our hope is that the children and adolescents on the one hand learn to maintain a structured daily routine. On the other hand, a school leaving qualification would give them the possibility of getting a reasonably paid job and to lead a life of self- determination and respect. A secondary effect which we did think about is that none of the families which we supported migrated to Western Europe.

Help for the needy

Apart from children and adolescents there are many people who are in need of help in Rumania, most of all old people and the unemployed. Donation from the state is extremely low. We help some needy people in and around Ghimbav by donating for example food, clothes and furniture. Occasionally we pay for prescribed medicines or for travelling expenses